10 Mar

Naughty in Durban

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    118 Responses to “Naughty in Durban”

    1. Reply theman says:

      Naughty in Durbs – Wow sexy woman a strong 10 perfect boobs babebody to match!!

    2. Reply Werfetter says:

      Ok! That just sent the benchmark! This will have to be sent to the book of records!

    3. Reply surferdude says:

      wish i could get to know you when i come up to Durbs :P

    4. Reply theman says:

      Come on guys she has stunning Boobs and body!!

    5. Reply al.petre says:

      wow, very nice, watering mouth…

    6. Reply rio says:

      These are the sexiest, perfect pair of tits in the whole of S.A. Babe ur smokin hot!!!! perfect 10.

    7. Reply pooen says:

      280D44B2,love 2 get 2 knw u,dam u luk hot

    8. Reply riaz says:

      Wow wat an awesome pair plz invyt me on bbm all sexi gall 277c30bf

    9. Reply KJ says:

      HI.. add me on BBM.. 22b5f9e5

    10. Reply Name says:

      Naughty But Hot Boobs and hey Body to go with HOT HOT !!!!

    11. Reply Iggipop says:

      truly beautiful!!!

    12. Reply dbnboy says:

      Hi babe.

    13. Reply Criptking says:

      Ooooo I am so naughty too, love the jugs babes going to fill that cup nowq

    14. Reply Andrew says:

      Very very nice

    15. Reply draak says:

      That’s y I moved to durban. Inv me on bbm to. 27D62B11

    16. Reply paul says:

      just perfect! would love to suck on those nipples

    17. Reply TheBoss says:

      very nice.
      Just a bit to big. But I’ll still give you a 4.5/5

    18. Reply hulkie says:

      Very nice, like to see more

    19. Reply FunTimes says:

      Fantastic! Can I sample? Mwah

    20. Reply Adam says:

      These probably rival the best on the net, perfect size, shape….everything

    21. Reply eros69 says:


      Pick me up at the airport, I am catching plane Jane…

    22. Reply Puppy eyes says:

      237E5073, add me plz!B

    23. Reply gifpil says:

      a t hotma il . . . lets chat

    24. Reply Joss says:

      Very nice pic!

    25. Reply Joss says:

      Get me 275a452f for a…..

    26. Reply hulkie says:

      gymfreak70@gmail.com .love to see more of you

    27. Reply Wayne Porter says:

      Big 5/5! Find me on FB? ;-)

    28. Reply brett says:

      If you are adding 26cc482c then I can say I know the girl with the best boobs in the entire country

    29. Reply wille says:

      oh yes!

    30. Reply hornyads69 says:

      wow those r the most gorgeous perfect tits i have seen and on such a well shaped slim body. im aching here for u sexy lady. pls bbm me if u like 27f876ff

    31. Reply andrew says:

      Wow most perfect looking boobs I have ever seen , add me on bbm 27172804 if you have :)

    32. Reply ru says:

      Please add my 27378E41

    33. Reply Name says:

      I have to say u have stunning boobs and a amazing body babe

    34. Reply TitCritic says:

      Perfect bod and I love your RACK… Do you do threesome’s…?

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    36. Reply barfly says:

      Stunning add me on bbm 221C4FFA

    37. Reply Quinton says:

      Why is the best pair of Tits in durban???

    38. Reply theman says:


    39. Reply Jerkimiah says:

      Yes, very nice, rate a 10

    40. Reply Mike says:

      im 19 w m from northern kzn , send me an email on 69vanhalen69@gmail.com then i can give my whatsapp number to you,we can maybe meet?

    41. Reply Titty Lover says:

      Do you get anything more perfect than that!!!!! Jy het n perfekte %^&*%^$ mooi lyf met die sexyste tiette.

    42. Reply Cj says:

      Your dad must have been a chilli because you’re f@#$ hot!!!!

    43. Reply dbnpoison says:

      add me on bbm 26D63061

    44. Reply Andy says:


    45. Reply Domestique says:

      Absolutely stunning,would love to come home to those

    46. Reply Domestique says:

      Eish now that is perfection…. I want

    47. Reply JacRo says:

      Gorgeous! :)

    48. Reply Domestique says:

      Eish,so very hot,boobs are wonderful

    49. Reply Riaan says:

      Add me on bbm 29494A2E I life in Durban won’t mint just chatting to you but have to say that you have got a ferfect 10 from me and I hope you win

    50. Reply hardcock says:

      WOW. Hell Hot. add me cooolies@yahoo.com

    51. Reply underwater says:

      Naughty? Me likes! I’m also from Durban if you’d like to chat online. Email me on underwater_ninja@hotmail.com

    52. Reply Sexyfun says:

      Hmmmm very nice :) Please add me onto BBM: 2A2C47DD or mail me: stephenssh001@gmail.com

    53. Reply Libido says:

      The boobs a beautiful, but this is actually a seriously nice package deal

    54. Reply the King says:

      If u wanna stop playing and be appreciated u can add me ur definately mouth wateringly beautiful I’m not bad myself gauranteed 2909384f

    55. Reply MJ says:

      pity you’re in Durbs babes, mail me if you’re interested in a steamy email buddy that could cheer you up

    56. Reply morne says:

      not to bad.just that I think it’s fakes.anyone can have nice fakes.proof me wrong I go on knees and say sorry

    57. Reply riggs says:

      Baby it’s perfect for a hot titfuck!

    58. Reply south coast guy says:

      Beautiful invite me bbm 2893E6F4

    59. Reply Nadeem says:

      Hey swty , u have thee most perfect set of Tits , I wana sooo badly suck n fuck on them , email me soon ;)

    60. Reply merv says:


      most beautiful please add me 7b90ee72

    61. Reply James says:

      Wow. I live in Australia and a mate sent me a pic of you. World class! Lucky BF I say!!!

    62. Reply Cdawg says:

      7AF942F8 add me

    63. Reply MO says:

      Invite me 29ad3ed4

    64. Reply Fab says:

      Ill be naughty with those tits and body any where baby

    65. Reply Stephen Bennett says:

      Craigy36 snapchat me

    66. Reply Soviet says:

      mmm really nice definitely in my top 10 :) . lets chat. soviet102@gmail.com

    67. Reply Mmm... says:

      Pragtig! Ek het nie woorde nie…

    68. Reply brummer says:

      AWESOME!!!! …….you wanna be naughty in Durban?

    69. Reply terry says:

      Hi.you are stunning.

    70. Reply jayen says:

      Hi am dillon francesco (jayen), am age 29 am from durban, am spontaneous,very charming,nawty and kool and cute, nvr shy , open minded guy, hot ladies age 21 to 30 ind ian or black ladies hot ladies who need hot sex tips and advices invyt me bbm 264ad3b3

    71. Reply Freddy Jenkins says:

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    72. Reply Rick says:

      29 White single guy in Durban here.
      Thanks for your pic. You look stunning and confident.
      Would luv to chat and maybe have some fun.
      BBM 24D2DE54

    73. Reply Llcooljay says:

      Hi gorgeous,

      I would love to chat and see more of you


    74. Reply ceasar says:

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    75. Reply Pieter says:

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    76. Reply Dewald says:

      Every time I see your pic I am stunned.I love your body. Mail me bgds@muchomail.com . You will change my year.

    77. Reply Pw says:

      Put it this way, as soon as this pic came up I had to pull my cock out and masturbate. That woman is fucking amazing.

    78. Reply carlito says:

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    79. Reply Stephen says:

      Marry me. Or just shag. That’s perfection. Mail me on underwater_ninja@hotmail.com

    80. Reply MistyJohnson says:

      Those are AMAZING!!

    81. Reply Sean says:

      Wow absolutely gorgeous I’m from carrington heights durban add me whatsapp 0766296930

    82. Reply silverwolf says:

      I wanna fcuk you hun

    83. Reply ccol says:

      send me your mail address i would love to exchange my gf boobs with U

    84. Reply Tyrone says:

      Absolutely a 10 out of 10 pair.
      I am a super hot guy. Mail me supermanty82@gmail.com

    85. Reply j says:

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    86. Reply Master says:

      Hey Naughty,

      E-mail me masterbatter96@gmail.com

      Me and my girlfriend love your pic!

    87. Reply Frans says:

      I would love to duck and fuck them

    88. Reply Frans says:

      Would love too feel them around my cock

    89. Reply gordon says:

      very very nice can we chat

    90. Reply Adriaan says:

      Wow trule picturesque. Love the pabties. Would live to chat . Bbm pin 590A5D6A

    91. Reply Keen4u says:

      Yowza. Words don’t do you justice.
      Email me at obsidian261@gmail.com
      I’ll send you pics n u decide whether you want to chat or not.
      27yo white male. Living alone.
      We could have some fun ;)

    92. Reply Kym21 says:

      Absolutely gorgeous

    93. Reply muffin man says:

      Email me for good hard cock

    94. Reply Mr GP says:

      Truly blessed

    95. Reply Mr GP says:

      Ultimate happiness would be if you would share more of your perfection. partyhardyboy@hotmail.com

    96. Reply adam says:

      Best i have ever seen.

    97. Reply nick says:

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    98. Reply faz says:

      woww. what a boobs, want to suck them like a baby

    99. Reply Dom says:

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    100. Reply W says:

      Damn, you are fine

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    102. Reply adam says:

      you are gorgeous

    103. Reply Mike says:

      Lets see how nice and pink your nipples really turn – and make me blush as I fear I am entranced forever.

      Its so sensual and juicy!

      Its the magic of your tomb of enchantment in which you choose to become alive as I stare and gaze in awe of your heavenly delightfullness – so maybe we can catch up whenever you feeling in the mood…….maybe later……maybe never.

      I could’t care less …..but I could learn to care more as I gaze into your eyes.

      Its as simple as that!

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    104. Reply TITTIES-R-AWESOME says:

      Beautiful titties hun

    105. Reply Ceasar Garcia says:

      Email. Me. And let’s get fucking

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