June Promo

Since we started we have given away thousands of Rands to girls willing to show their stuff. But we also had a lot of people abusing the system. For that reason we are implementing the following rules:

- We will be giving away R500 to each lady uploading a picture of her boobs with ” ratemytits.co.za” clearly visible somewhere on her body. Needs to be written on the body or on a piece of paper.

- Only one price of R500 per person.

- Our Monthly price of R1000 still stands, get the most votes and the R1000 is yours. The picture need to have at least 25 votes and it has to have some proof that it is a real person and not an internet picture. Thus, if the picture that won does not have “ratemytits.co.za” visible somewhere, you will have to proof to us the picture is real. After you uploaded your picture please email us at william[at]ratemytits.co.za