How it Works

RatemyboobsDo you have South Africa’s Nicest Boobs?

Leave it to the rest of us to decide, simply upload a picture of your Boobs by using the “Upload image” tab on the main menu. Feel free to upload as many pictures as you want!

Our visitors will then be able to rate your boobs and comment on your picture. Our site will automatically track your ratings and the amount of votes you received. At the end of the month, the person who’s Boobs received the highest rating will win a Cash prize of R1000 (picture needs at least 25 votes and you will have to prove it’s real).

There is always the issue of non-amateur pictures (pictures from the Internet) being submitted by cheaters in an effort of winning the R1000 prize. We will  strive to allow only Amateur picture but sometimes non-Amateur pics slip through, for this reason we will add 25 top ratings (as a bonus) to any picture that has “” written somewhere on your body or is visible in the picture (on a piece of paper etc), feel free to be creative. This will confirm to us that the boobs in the picture actually belong to you. Ladies will also get R500 as a thanks from us (email us after you uploaded your picture). Max R500 per person (1 picture with “rate my tits written on them and South Africans only).

After uploading your picture, we will approve it and it should be visible under the “Latest Uploads” menu item. We made sure to include sharing functions to each picture to help you get your buddies to vote for you.

The winner of the month will be contacted via email.

Don’t be shy, share your Tits!