04 May

Tersia’s sweet boobs. Pic from 4 years ago

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Miss those boobs.

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    3 Responses to “Tersia’s sweet boobs. Pic from 4 years ago”

    1. Reply max says:

      Damn, them titties are nice

    2. Reply boobs says:

      very sexy boobs love to see them now 4 years later graham050163@gmail.com

    3. Reply Mike says:

      Dear Theresa

      Feeling sleepy on this Sunday …….

      Surely the coldness needs to make us warm again – so really need to steam up this bedroom with heat and warmth and burn incense sticks …….

      You shall enjoy the comfort of the warmth flowing through your body as I RUB down your shoulders and take away all aches and pains and muscle strains – all the way down to your feet.

      Maybe you might enjoy some Irish coffee with whipped cream as I lather it on your sweet juicy lips and mouth and boobies, as I blend it with my kisses all over your neck and lips – making you fly in pure bliss and tranquility with me over a valley of a thousand mountains in space and time itself.

      You need to allow yourself to let go – and fly through the planets of luuuuuurve through empty spaces untold as you gather so much momentum with me.

      Eventually you shall feel no more pain and will be part of everything you dreamed for….forever my sweet princess of luuuuurve :) :) ;)

      From: single, cool, adventuress white guy – mikecamestone@gmail.com

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