19 May

Rate me!

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What would you do to them?

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    4 Responses to “Rate me!”

    1. Reply Fred says:

      Suck them, nibble on them, play with and worship such perfect tits with my hands, mouth and cock… Tit fuck followed by a hot cum coating! Justfunpmb@gmail.com

    2. Reply A says:

      How does nipples look anf feel when stiffff?

    3. Reply boobs says:

      i will suck play rub my cock on such sexy boobs graham050163@gmail.com

    4. Reply Mike says:

      As I sit at this cafe having cappucinno, eating chocolate cake and peacan nut pie pieces – these thoughts came to mind ……..

      As they say, ‘first in time, first in space’ – so maybe you will see how I was suffocating until you breathed ‘fresh air’ into my lungs with your lungs [or boobies] because I travelled across galaxies of delusions to gaze upon your sweet nipples. Very brilliant, absolutely brilliant indeed.

      You gazed across the Milky Way and I felt the ‘pullness’ lift me away – as there’s no telling if you for real or not. It doesen’t matter anyway. You are here today and gone tomorrow!

      What a draft. We share the interests of love. Its the love of touching you that swings me your way. What are you really thinking at this moment? The satisfaction and the glory of the clock ticking by!

      So take me away to the planet Pluto and make me feel the desire to be with you whenever you hollow my name [should you dare ;) ]:- single, bemused, cool white guy; mikecamestone@gmail.com

      Ps. Lets have a drink or just a coffee [some time] if you like ……… :)

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