Advertise with Us


We at “” are all about South African Boobs and we plan to keep it that way. We invite any business, website owner or independent worker to advertise with us.

How? Simply take a picture of your boobs (or one of your employee’s, lol!) with your company name or website link. Write it on a piece of cardboard or on your body as long as we can see your boobs and your company info. This is a great way of advertising your business or yourself.  Guys (or girls) are much more prone to remember a name or link that’s on a girls boobs. You can also send us your company logo or banner and we’ll  add it just below your picture, linked to your website (opens in a new window).

We just launched in March and have seen a huge interest in the site with some picture already having 2000 votes! ( over 2 million views). We get on average around 2500 visitors daily. Your picture will stay on the site as long as we are live or when you contact us to remove it.

What will it cost you?

Nothing, it’s all free because you provide our visitors with eye candy and we return the favor with free advertisement.  A win win deal.

Tip:  The hotter the boobs, the more votes it will get and the higher it will rank among the other pictures. Our system arrange the pictures from highest to lowest rated, so upload the hottest boobs and you might end up on the first page with thousands of visitors viewing your company info (and your boobs of course)