28 Oct

Gill X

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I feel a total slut for showing you all the size of my dildos as well as my tits but I felt my days of having a choice were long gone after my first pic I uploaded on here laying myself bare for all to see!!! Any comments, positive, negative, demoralising, ridiculing, all very welcome :) X

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    25 Responses to “Gill X”

    1. Reply Gaza says:

      Nothing wrong with being yourself! 53249DD3

    2. Reply HappyChappy says:

      Awesome tits!!! pse mail me – herman1170@yahoo.com

    3. Reply Rick says:

      Looking f#*$ing hot if you ask me…! Would luv to chat and see more… Come chat: r.hayfield1985@gmail.com

    4. Reply TittyLover says:

      Always a pleasure seeing you n ur amazing body Gill. You are delicious.

    5. Reply loverboy says:

      Jy het moer mooi tiete en n lyf mail My Rockhard1962jlb@outlook.com

    6. Reply JJ says:

      Gill, you are in amazing shape. Those who matter dont mind and those who mind dont matter! Fullstop!

    7. Reply Gill X says:

      I’m listening…. :) X

    8. Reply JJ says:

      Cum say hi and we can start working on our very own to-do-list

    9. Reply JJ says:

      No wait… That’s a Double Dare!

    10. Reply Gill X says:

      It’s ok hun… you can write on here…. i’ve nothing to hide anymore :) X

    11. Reply JJ says:

      Focus lol…trust me on this one.. Cum say hi.. U will not regret it!

    12. Reply JJ says:

      Only fair that u get spoiled!!!

    13. Reply JJ says:

      Tripple DARE!

    14. Reply Kim says:

      Hi Gill from one woman to another you are Devine and can’t see anybody giving you negative ratings

    15. Reply Peter says:

      Email me and I will give you the all the ratings and honesty you want

    16. Reply wolfcpl says:

      Wow we would love to see you in action with that dildo

    17. Reply Rob says:

      0720365154 if youd like to replace your dildo with something bigger attached
      to a great body which does not tire

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