27 Feb

Please respond. My husband thinks no one will .. Please !!..

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They re real tits !! Let me rate your dicks.. Please mhmesserjraol.com….Love hard ones…Patricia

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    21 Responses to “Please respond. My husband thinks no one will .. Please !!..”

    1. Reply John says:

      Take your bra off.

    2. Reply Hornynn121 says:

      I love natural tits. Makes my cock hard. Want to see

    3. Reply Peter says:

      Lovem , wanna xum on them

    4. Reply Patricia says:

      Now take your pants off and show me your cock first !!…Pat

    5. Reply Hornynn121 says:

      Whatsapp me your number i will send you a pic of how hard i am 0813674451

    6. Reply Hungsome says:

      I rate you hot. Nice tits. Mail me, im a gentleman but love to compliment a gorgeous woman

    7. Reply Patricia says:

      You didn’t reply…http://yourhotpics.com/id/95440 P[ease show me what you think…Pat

    8. Reply Linda says:

      Nice 6 pack and def nice tits

    9. Reply Linda says:

      Nice 6 Pack and tits look good

    10. Reply Short&sweet says:

      Patricia here is my mail mecoetzer01@gmail.com Contact me , will send some pics

    11. Reply Short&sweet says:

      Must say , those tits look hot . Love tits in a bra. Love them even more when the bra comes off. mecoetzer01@gmail.com

      • Reply PATRICIA says:

        You’ve got the sweet part right ….but definitely not the short !! If you want short.. it would be my husband !! I don’t think my husband knows I’m over here…..Patricia

    12. Reply The Guy says:

      Would love to see more! They look fabulous! thebrowning375hh@gmail.com

    13. Reply PATRICIA says:

      Love to see what you have to make me take bra off….Anything over 3-1/2 inches like my husband would be appreciated…I do love big balls.!!! Hubby’s balls are bigger than his cock …Pat

    14. Reply Someone says:

      Nice 6 pack… and other

    15. Reply Short&sweet says:

      Wow Pat.
      Like your comments.
      Are you gonna mail me so we can chat and swop some pics.
      Dont worry my wife also dont know Im here.

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