24 Jun


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Enough said…

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    9 Responses to “ONLY IN CANADA”

    1. Reply MA says:

      Canada, go figure. Great set, great everything, 10/10 hands down some of the nicest natural tits on planet earth. Well done.

    2. Reply MA says:

      My oh my. I’m going to Canada. Period .

    3. Reply MA says:

      Canada is now the best country on earth. Period. Look at those tits.

    4. Reply MA says:

      Holy mother of God. I’m going to Canada .

    5. Reply MA says:

      My oh my. I love Canada.

    6. Reply W says:

      love to have you next to me on those cold Canadian nights

    7. Reply Jaimie says:

      Most amazing natural tits ever. 5/5, who’s blind?

      I’m coming to Canada. I told my husband that I’m in love.

    8. Reply J says:

      These tits need more comments. Are they natural or fake? Look like the real deal. Any thoughts?

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