04 Mar


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Will fuck every guy that comments with his contact details. Its a dare so its happening

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    1. Reply willem says:

      hi! please get in touch with me. would love to fuck you! willem696@yahoo.com

    2. Reply Jake says:

      Beautiful! Can’t wait to chat with you ;-)

    3. Reply Biggerallcock says:

      Lovely full tits……….. 20 Dec 2016
      Lets’ you stick to your dare.
      Do it before end of month!
      Mail biggerallcock@yahoo.com
      I want to see more pictures of your nice tits.

    4. Reply Pieter says:

      Mail my asb Pietercenturion@gmail.com is mal oor jou boobs

    5. Reply John says:

      I Would Love to fuck you and slide my cock between those tits


    6. Reply andrew.ec.pe@gmail.com says:

      Very Very nice. They must feel as nice and soft as they look.

    7. Reply Mag says:

      Let’s see what happens

    8. Reply Bigger says:

      Great pair of tits.
      However, I have seen similar suggestions previously without any results / no action.
      How do we know that this will be the real deal?
      Biggerallcock@ yahoo.com

    9. Reply Nick says:

      Great dare stunning boobs are you for real try me graham050163@gmail.com

    10. Reply Ets says:

      Mmmm lets see

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