30 Jul

i lost my teddy bear can i sleep with you :) xoxo

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    36 Responses to “i lost my teddy bear can i sleep with you :) xoxo”

    1. Reply mmather says:

      such a perfect pair… u can sleep with me with pleasure

    2. Reply Giepster says:

      halo!!!! joe pappie!!!

    3. Reply JP says:

      Goeie fokken bliksem! Ongelukkig kan jy nie saam my slaap nie! MAAr versteekseker kan ons saam wakker bly!

    4. Reply Name says:


    5. Reply Kierie says:

      Die mooiste paar tieties in die afgelope weke hier!
      Sal my eersgeboortereg verkoop om hulle te streel en suig.

    6. Reply TheMan says:

      Wow but u are a very sext beautiful woman sexy yummy nipples and a body sensuas…

    7. Reply Cookie Monster says:


    8. Reply mamma mia says:

      you got my 5 star vote and deserve to win with this beautiful picture. Makes my imagination run wild…… Lets hope the downraters stay away.

      • Reply ratemytits says:

        You are just such an amazing lady! hugs and kisses!! xoxo

        Yeah, I sense a little corruption. I have been trying to get the red bikini up from every channel that I can vote for, but I see there are major drops in ratings! :( Actually makes me so so sad!

    9. Reply Hooligan says:

      Sjooo, dis die mooiste paar wat ek nog in ‘n laaang tyd gesien het !

      Jy mag beslis saam my slaap, maar ons gaan nie veel geslaap kry nie ……..

    10. Reply Octagon says:

      Yes Please. I will be your teddy bear or anything else you want me to be

    11. Reply jj says:

      Dis pragtig man se net waar en wanneer dan sal ek enige tyd saam jou slaap en wakker bly met sulke mooi tiete teen my man n man se droom

    12. Reply jj says:

      Bbm 293B664B

    13. Reply Alliecat says:

      There are the two winning tits…well done girl…absolutely beautiful…
      Uumm…ya very nice… :-)

      • Reply ratemytits says:

        I wish! Thank you for a very nice comment! You rock

        • Reply admin says:

          BTW, you are actually the winner for July. There are two or three pics with higher ratings but they don’t have at least 50 votes (required otherwise you can just upload a picture a day before the end of the month and win with only a couple of 5 star votes). So congrats and thanks for your participation on the site. R1000 coming your way.

    14. Reply Gaza says:

      Beautiful nails and skin texture…

    15. Reply cjcoetzee says:

      I think i just died and gone to heaven that is some nice tits you got mmmmmm yum yum

    16. Reply Ramone says:

      PHENOMENAL Pair,”Elite” in a class of its own(def. winner),body perfect too- i’d make you Shivers n tense up.u’d be,breathing deeply,nibbling your bottom lip and curling in your toes,need i say more,you would have another teddy bear ;)

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