23 Jul

The last one for you

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    14 Responses to “The last one for you”

    1. Reply iloveboobs says:

      Yummy. A shame its the last

    2. Reply Hooligan says:

      Bewtiful …….

    3. Reply tiffysmith says:

      Oh no….why the last one….she is so so so beautiful….stunning…

      • Reply bewbfan says:

        as said, i’m a bit pissed off about downraters, this is like a game and it’s bad to be downrated by haters (not just me, but loads of girls have been downrated) anyway appreciate my goodbye gift

    4. Reply Vman says:

      If any one. Downrates u girl they are being desetful u are a oil paitnting and can be very proud of what u show and how u show off your sexy body and un suntaned boobs sexy!!!!!

    5. Reply tiffysmith says:

      Well I say screw the nasties…stay a while longer…please

    6. Reply admin says:

      I must confirm that there are downraters, unfortunately each girl wants her pic to be highest rated for the R1000 prize so they go around downrating their competition.

    7. Reply Jay Man says:

      I am shocked that people can downrate one as beautiful as you. You are perfect. Please accept my appologies on behalf of all your fans for the uncooth behaviour from some people.
      You are perfection that is rarely attained.
      Would you ever consider a private chat with your fans?

    8. Reply MADWOLF says:

      Don’t worry i will give you a 20 out of 10 and i hope that will move you up the rankings.

    9. Reply mmather says:

      u are simply stunning…

    10. Reply hellboytico11 says:

      WOOW !!!!

    11. Reply Hotguy says:

      You look pretty hot !
      BBM me or email if you wanna chat !
      BBM pin : 29D83687

    12. Reply Bandy says:

      If you are interested in doing a professional photo shoot, please contact me via my website http://www.vaughan deacon photography.co.za

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