05 Jul

Come, have a closer look…

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Wanting to show these off on a beach in my next overseas holiday.
Think they will give passersby a welcome view? Wouldnlove to hear!

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    6 Responses to “Come, have a closer look…”

    1. Reply W says:

      lovely pair

    2. Reply adam says:

      Yep…a lovely pair of tits

    3. Reply boobs says:


      why not at our beaches love to see shou us more graham050163@gmail.com

    4. Reply Jdoris says:

      Really nice!!! I wish I was a passersby. That would make my day.

    5. Reply Dirk says:

      With perfect boobs like those I reckon you’d attract a whole group of guys on the beach and they’d kneel around you and jerk off to give you compliments. I mean even your fingers are very pretty. Would love to see more of your perfection. ddirk069@gmail.com

    6. Reply jj says:

      Nice, put more up… give us the angles the other beach goers will see

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