17 Sep

can you handle me

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    9 Responses to “can you handle me”

    1. Reply willem says:

      yes i can. wanna see how hard you make me? willem696@yahoo.com

    2. Reply Joybringer says:

      The real question here is if you’ll be able to handle my Big, Thick, White Dick ? jsjoybringer9@gmail.com

    3. Reply W says:

      lets get to together and I will prove it

    4. Reply Lovetittiepe says:

      Well if I cant ill wont stop trying.. you have amazing tits.. mail me lboy44495@gmail.com and maybe we can see if you can handle what ive got

    5. Reply Lovetitspe says:

      Ime sure I can.. but can you? Mail me lboy44495@gmail.com if you want to find out

    6. Reply Joe says:

      What u need to ask is can you manage my equipment

    7. Reply Joe says:

      What u need to ask is can u handle my equipment

    8. Reply Indypsyciph says:

      That depends, you look extremely soft and gentle, so it might be a challenging, but fun and intensely pleasant exercise. ;)

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